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What is SignWorship?
The mission of SignWorship is to produce instructional videos for performing popular worship songs in American Sign Language. Each video contains a demonstration of the song and a full tutorial, breaking down the signing ​step-by-step, making it as easy as possible to learn! The material is presented visually to remove all language barriers, which promotes equal access and makes it great for all ages!

Is this true ASL?
American Sign Language is the primary language of the Deaf community. It's a dynamic language and is continually evolving. It has its own grammatical structure, rules, and syntax separate from any spoken language. It is used all over the country with sign variations from region to region. These signs are called regional signs, also known as "signing accents". The signs used in our videos are based on our particular region and may differ from other areas. The translation process is a very laborious procedure. The lyrics from each song are analyzed carefully to find the true meaning and message behind them. They are then put into an ASL form which allows the message and concept to be conveyed, while at the same time, visually matching the song's rhythm. It's important to remember that signing to music is a creative expression and varies depending on an individual's perspective.

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