History of Blended Fellowship

How we began
In 1999, Doug Seymour felt the leading of the Holy Spirit to begin a ministry whereby Deaf people and their hearing family members could worship together. The idea was to make every aspect of worship events equally accessible so that families could sit together instead of the Deaf sitting in a separate area.

In 2000, Blended Fellowship was established and Pastor Doug was ordained. The group met in the home of Pastor Doug, his wife Melanie and their children Derek and Kayla. As more families joined the group, alternate meeting places were rented until the opportunity came to purchase the current facility.

During the past 20 years, over 100 people have accepted Christ as a result of the ministry of Blended. Along the way, various needs were discovered and efforts were made to meet these needs resulting in programs like FACES and QLI.

We'd love for you to join us

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