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Who we are

Blended Fellowship is a church focused on learning and growing in Spiritual, Biblical truths with a blended congregation of Deaf and Hearing people who are warm, welcoming and non-judgmental. Everything is presented in English and American Sign Language to provide equal access. We also provide resources for blended families (of Deaf and Hearing), encourage sign language communication, and offer advocacy services.

Our beliefs

We are a part of the Original Free Will Baptist denomination. Check out the Articles of Faith.

Image by Chris Lawton

our history

In 1999, Doug Seymour felt the leading of the Holy Spirit to begin a ministry whereby Deaf people and their hearing family members could worship together. The idea was to make every aspect of worship events equally accessible so that families could sit together instead of the Deaf sitting in a separate area. In 2000, Blended Fellowship was established, and Pastor Doug was ordained. The group met in the home of Pastor Doug, his wife Melanie and their children Derek and Kayla. As more families joined the group, alternate meeting places were rented until the opportunity came to purchase the current facility.

During the past 24 years, over 100 people have accepted Christ as a result of the ministry of Blended. Along the way, various needs were discovered and efforts were made to meet these needs through various programs.


matador missile

If you've ever been to our facility, you are familiar with our most recognized landmark. The TM-61C matador missile has a unique story. It's one of the only two still located on private property. Many years before Blended purchased the facility, the building was a seafood restaurant called Big Daddy's Seafood. It was very popular to the locals and across the state. One of his secrets was that he had a landing pad behind the facility and had the seafood flown in fresh from the coast. To promote his restaurant, he had the missile brought in and placed in the parking lot advertising how fresh his seafood was. 
Since the missile has been such a significant part of the community, we have decided to leave it to be viewed and enjoyed. We hope in the future to have it restored to its original condition. 

You can find more information on matador missiles on Wikipedia.

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