About us
"A unique mission church blending Deaf and hearing in Christ through mutual respect, sharing God's love and improving communication"
Meet our team
Pastor Doug Seymour

Pastor Doug Seymour is an ordained Original Free Will Baptist minister. He has served as pastor/director of Blended Fellowship ever since it was established in 2000. Pastor Doug is also a musician and loves corny jokes!

Mrs. Melanie Seymour

Melanie Seymour serves as Administrator, QLI Director and Pastor's wife. She oversees the day-to-day operations of the ministry. Melanie loves helping others and working with interior decorating (especially finding ways to re-purpose things considered unusable by others).

Mrs. Kayla Pinckney

Kayla Seymour Pinckney serves as the FACES Director. She also directs dramas, coordinates volunteers, interprets and teaches ASL. Kayla loves to sign songs, act, and sing and she loves animals. In 2019, Kayla married the man of her dreams, Thomas Pinckney.

Blended's Programs

Spiritual Development

Blended's SD program provides Spiritual growth opportunities through our Blended worship services, small group Bible studies, fellowship, counseling, and more.


Quality of Life Improvement

The QLI program is designed to improve the quality of life of Deaf adults who need assistance. We provide services to help with basic human needs such as food, clothing, shelter, financial management and more. We also advocate for equal access and cultivate understanding with our Deaf clients, as well as the local hearing community, blending the two communities together!


Family Awareness and Communication Enhancement Services

Our FACES program is focused on families of both Deaf and Hearing (which we refer to as "blended families"). We bring culture awareness to these families and provide sign language training to improve communication. We offer tutoring sessions, silent socials, engaging productions and more.

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